August Newsletter: Empty of separation & Full of goodness
Posted On August 12, 2015
In the last six weeks I’ve taught three 10-day teacher training intensives - two in Lynchburg and one in Berlin.  The students in each program were earnest, smart, vulnerable, willing,…
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June Newsletter: Joy, Effort & Being Empty
Posted On June 24, 2015
Solstice night in Lynchburg was exquisite.  Multi-colored sky, lush sweet southern air, and fireflies blinking to announce that summer is really here!Teacher Training school is out at Yoga Goodness —…
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March Newsletter: Wood Sheep, Teacher Trainings & A Side of Yoga Goodness
Posted On March 15, 2015
  Belated wishes to all for a Happy Year of the Wood Sheep! It's been nearly a month since we entered this female or yin energy year, which makes it…
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January Newsletter: Deep Equation, Sneak Peek, New Year
Posted On January 4, 2015
When I mention that Brad and I spent the Christmas weekend sitting a Zen retreat, most people say, "Oh, that sounds so nice and relaxing." And they are right...and not…
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December Newsletter: Digestion, New Videos & 2015 Teacher Trainings
Posted On December 20, 2014
Out my window tall barren branches stretch up into this crisp Virginia winter morning.  As usual, the sky seems to be a mirror of my mind, half clouds and half…
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November Newsletter: Leroy, 6 billion moments, Fall Retreats
Posted On October 23, 2014
As I write this letter to you I realize that there are 70 days left in 2014. What will we do with those days? And nights? The 6,400,099,180 moments in…
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Cyndi & May I Be Happy — in the Miami New Times
Posted On September 17, 2014
"Yoga Guru Cyndi Lee on A Simple Way to Stop Hating Our Bodies" Click the link above to read the article.  
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Audio Talk: Yoga Is Not An Aspirin
Posted On August 7, 2014
Click above to view post. This interview was part of the Future of Yoga Summit 2014, a free online event that featured internationally-renowned yogis offering deep wisdom, techniques and insights to…
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Newsletter: Summercamp, Yogajam & Elephant says
Posted On August 7, 2014
Click here to view Cyndi's latest newsletter Last week I attended a sessin at Upaya Zen Center led by Roshi Norman Fischer.  Sessin means "a gathering of heart and mind." …
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#selfieatsixty #day 30 insideout&upsidedowngassho
Posted On July 6, 2014
The #selfieatsixty practice project of taking a yoga selfie for 30 days has come and gone.   I will write more about it soon.  For now, a bow of appreciation…
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From The Yogis

  • Donna Levenstien, Yoga Teacher, Lake George, NY

    "I am a student of the OM 200 and OM 500 TT. I keep learning from Cyndi Lee who is just a master teacher, every class I take, every hour I’m here she says something wonderful that I can bring into my life, onto my mat, into my classes with my students. As a teacher and a student, I feel enriched every time I’m with her and in her class."

  • Susan Golden, Studio ownder, Maine

    "Cyndi’s sense of humor and genius teachings have made this OM 500 TT very, very stimulating every minute of the day. I’ve learned so much. I can’t wait to let it all come together and bring this to my teachings and to my life."

  • Ann Megyas, Actor, Yoga Teacher, Hospice Worker, Not Given

    "I’m so glad I decided to take Cyndi Lee’s 500 hr TT. It advanced my personal practice in ways that I could not imagine. There is no pose I am afraid of anymore. It’s advanced my teaching practice, it’s advanced my dharma study. It’s just been a thrilling experience the whole time."

  • Erica Settino, Founder, Karuna for Animals, Not Given

    "I have been teaching yoga for 12 years and over those 12 years I have often felt burned out and at a loss for inspiration. Now that I have taken Cyndi Lee’s OM 500 Teacher Training, I feel completely different, completely inspired, and so, so blessed. If you are even considering it, you must do it."

  • Jeri Wilson, Studio Owner, Maine

    “I’m Jeri and I’m a studio owner in Maine and I just finished my 500 hr TT with Cyndi Lee. It was an excellent experience, partly because I had been trained primarily in Anusara and I was challenged to think very differently. I found it was very helpful to come back to teach with Cyndi’s influence. She is very, very funny and she will work you and challenge you and you will feel like you have actually gained something really deep from the training.”

  • Natalie Levin, OM Yoga Graduate, Not Given

    "I am a graduate of the OM 2003 Warrior Weekend Teacher Training Program.  I had the honor to teach at OM yoga in New York City for several years.  I have since moved to another city and was instantly offered teaching jobs based solely on the fact that I had been a teacher at Cyndi Lee’s OM yoga.  Studio owners in my current city thought so highly of Cyndi Lee’s OM yoga Teacher Training that they hired me immediately and I found and continue to find that my OM yoga Teacher Training opens door after door for me.  OM yoga (practicing there, teaching OM yoga, and learning from Cyndi Lee) helped me professionally in my own yoga-teaching career.  Even more meaningfully for me, I feel that the path of mindfulness and attention to alignment that pours through the pores of OM yoga has influenced me and helped me to soften enough to become more “myself” since I first walked into the OM yoga vel auctor.