One-On-One Sessions With Cyndi

Cyndi is currently accepting a limited number of private students. This focus provides for an exclusive and personal experience for the student and is remarkably effective and powerful. Work is done via skype and can also be in person. Sessions are 30-60 minutes.

Thanks to Skype, I have had the great pleasure of working privately with Cyndi to deepen and refine my meditation practice. What a gift our time together has been! Cyndi has an unerring ability to discern what’s needed for the way to open in the practice. Sometimes that has meant gentle and tender support; at other times it has meant a more pointed prodding. All instruction comes with Cyndi’s patented blend of humor, intelligence, compassion, and rigor.

– Lisa Sack, Psychotherapist



Cyndi, in the traditional method for learning and developing a meditation practice, is offering private meditation instruction. Meditation, well-known as a method for releasing stress, is also a simple, yet powerful way to reconnect with our own basic sanity and goodness.

Private sessions with Cyndi help you begin a meditation practice or renew your commitment to meditation practice; deepen your understanding of the practice and refine your technique for better results.

The practices Cyndi works with:

  • shamatha or mindfulness meditation
  • maitri or lovingkindness meditation
  • tonglen or exchanging self and others
  • custom-made methods for developing strength, stability, clarity, and a kind, open heart


You will work one-on-one with Cyndi once a month. She offers you practice assignments and reading for you to work with between your monthly privates.

The course is $300 for three months. This includes three private sessions with Cyndi, and the course homework (practice assignments and reading).



Private yoga lessons in the comfort and convenience of your home. Cyndi is available via Skype which has proven to be an effective way for privates in your home.

These private lessons are  particularly useful for those with questions about their current practice. Cyndi can help you modify your practice; refine and improve your alignment; connect the dots of confusion by helping you deconstruct obstacles, and, in general, give you new ways to move your practice forward. If you don’t like practicing in a group, or your schedule doesn’t allow it, this is a great way to do your own personal practice with a private teacher.

The course is $400 and includes three monthly privates (one per month) with Cyndi along with course work including personalized sequences she’s created for you and reading.


Coaching For Yoga Teachers

The best yoga teachers, grounded in method and technique, are able to spontaneously offer each student a personal and beneficial yoga experience.  Realizing this level of potent teaching requires a lot of practice based on targeted, insightful feedback from a masterful, compassionate teacher.

Cyndi works with both new and seasoned teachers, identifying their obstacles and offering bespoke solutions.

New Teachers will gain a better understanding of what it takes to create a class, communicate effectively with students, and grow their client base.

Seasoned teachers will be offered exercises to get unstuck and discover fresh approaches to their current offering.  Learn to clarify your vision and develop practical ways of manifesting that vision through your own personalized instructions and creative sequencing.

Sessions with Cyndi include a diverse range of issues, such as:

  • how to get more students
  • how to teach inversions
  • how to work with a difficult student
  • how to manage a mixed level class
  • how to create contracts
  • how to teach without props
  • how to evolve creative and sensible sequencing
  • how to find your own inspiring language
  • how to maintain your personal practice and motivation


Coaching is done via video review and one-on-one coaching with Cyndi


Skype sessions:

Bring your questions and concerns to the session.

Cost is $150/hour.


Teaching evaluation and feedback:

1.  You videotape one of your classes for Cyndi to review.

Cyndi watches you teach and gives you feedback to help you further grow and refine your teaching skill sets. This one-on-one feedback/coaching session is via Skype.

2. You videotape another class of yours implementing Cyndi’s suggestion

Cyndi will review this class and give you feedback.

Cost: $550. This includes two class reviews and two (60min) one-on-one individualized sessions with Cyndi.

After graduating from OM yoga Teacher Training, I found ‘the public’ presented some new challenges. Via our Skype tutorial, Cyndi thoughtfully gave me practical advice, further reading suggestions and a little boost to my confidence so I could proceed. In the future, I will not hesitate to book another tutorial with Cyndi, who can access her vast teaching experience to offer detailed and intuitive guidance for all my questions and challenges. Namaste!

– Chris Miller, London-based Personal Fitness Trainer and Yoga Teacher


Interested In One-On-One Training

Contact Cyndi at with “One-on-One” in the subject line for more details.

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From The Yogis

  • Donna Levenstien, Yoga Teacher, Lake George, NY

    "I am a student of the OM 200 and OM 500 TT. I keep learning from Cyndi Lee who is just a master teacher, every class I take, every hour I’m here she says something wonderful that I can bring into my life, onto my mat, into my classes with my students. As a teacher and a student, I feel enriched every time I’m with her and in her class."

  • Susan Golden, Studio ownder, Maine

    "Cyndi’s sense of humor and genius teachings have made this OM 500 TT very, very stimulating every minute of the day. I’ve learned so much. I can’t wait to let it all come together and bring this to my teachings and to my life."

  • Ann Megyas, Actor, Yoga Teacher, Hospice Worker, Not Given

    "I’m so glad I decided to take Cyndi Lee’s 500 hr TT. It advanced my personal practice in ways that I could not imagine. There is no pose I am afraid of anymore. It’s advanced my teaching practice, it’s advanced my dharma study. It’s just been a thrilling experience the whole time."

  • Erica Settino, Founder, Karuna for Animals, Not Given

    "I have been teaching yoga for 12 years and over those 12 years I have often felt burned out and at a loss for inspiration. Now that I have taken Cyndi Lee’s OM 500 Teacher Training, I feel completely different, completely inspired, and so, so blessed. If you are even considering it, you must do it."

  • Jeri Wilson, Studio Owner, Maine

    “I’m Jeri and I’m a studio owner in Maine and I just finished my 500 hr TT with Cyndi Lee. It was an excellent experience, partly because I had been trained primarily in Anusara and I was challenged to think very differently. I found it was very helpful to come back to teach with Cyndi’s influence. She is very, very funny and she will work you and challenge you and you will feel like you have actually gained something really deep from the training.”

  • Natalie Levin, OM Yoga Graduate, Not Given

    "I am a graduate of the OM 2003 Warrior Weekend Teacher Training Program.  I had the honor to teach at OM yoga in New York City for several years.  I have since moved to another city and was instantly offered teaching jobs based solely on the fact that I had been a teacher at Cyndi Lee’s OM yoga.  Studio owners in my current city thought so highly of Cyndi Lee’s OM yoga Teacher Training that they hired me immediately and I found and continue to find that my OM yoga Teacher Training opens door after door for me.  OM yoga (practicing there, teaching OM yoga, and learning from Cyndi Lee) helped me professionally in my own yoga-teaching career.  Even more meaningfully for me, I feel that the path of mindfulness and attention to alignment that pours through the pores of OM yoga has influenced me and helped me to soften enough to become more “myself” since I first walked into the OM yoga vel auctor.