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Recovery, Resiliency and a NEW Refrigerator Sequence

As I write this I am getting ready for my second hip replacement surgery. I am grateful for all that I have learned from the last 90 days of recovery from hip replacement #1.

Refrigerator Sequence #2

I hope you will enjoy this sequence which includes supine, side-lying and pront work on the bed, seated work, standing work and then work on the mat.

Resiliency in the Cyndisphere

According to the Lunar calendar and Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, we have just finished Don season, a two week period during which the unripened karma of the previous year comes to fruition.

My new yoga sequence: The Hidden Jewel in the Refrigerator

I created a new yoga sequence that I’ve been doing most every day for about 6 months. I made it up based on what was in my refrigerator. That is how Roshi Bernie Glassman describes the practice of appreciating that we already have everything we need to live a full life.

Wisdom and Rejuvenation

Upon reviewing 2017 I've discovered that I did so much teaching, traveling, writing, and chaplaincy study/practice that I am shocked to discover it all happened in one year. Though I am tremendously grateful for all the opportunities, I must admit that I have been overworking for the last two years and I've gotten out of balance.

Newsletter: Summercamp, Yogajam & Elephant says

Click here to view Cyndi’s latest newsletter Last week I attended a sessin at Upaya Zen Center led by Roshi Norman Fischer.  Sessin means “a gathering of heart and mind.”  That is also a definition of meditation which is what we did from 6 a.m. until...

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Thanksgiving News from Cyndi

  Santosha & Thanksgiving Newsletter highlights: OM 500 TT in NYC – only 6 spots left! Apply by 12/4/13 OM Meditation Immersion & Teacher Training May I Be Happy – Events & paperback edition   How Practice Shows Up a note from Cyndi...

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September Newsletter

Leroy is crazy jealous of my new rescue puggle, Joey.  He does not want to share his mommy or his toys or any aspect of his perfectly spoiled poodle lifestyle.  Joey stretches into Downward Dog, asking Leroy to play with him, but Leroy stubbornly turns his head,...

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August Newsletter

SUMMER TIME & SPACE Been meaning to send this ezap for a while but I felt some kind of habitual and totally unnecessary pressure to write something useful, ie., meaningful, significant, semiprofound.  When I looked in my mind for that message, there was nothing...

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March Newsletter

Delight. This word has been coming up in my mind and out of mouth frequently since I attended the Shambhala Guide Training earlier this month. Sakyong Mipham recently tweaked the instructions for basic mindfulness meditation, which he defines as “consciously placing...

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January Newsletter

I’m looking at snow, lots of snow, which is seasonally appropriate since it is December, after all.  The official western 2012 is almost at an end, but the Chinese/Tibetan Year of the Water Dragon is not over yet.  It started on February 22 with the promise of gentle...

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